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Fee ₹500 per participant for both Stage-1 and Stage-2 Tests (inclusive GST @18%)

Group Discounts

When you enroll 3 or more participants & pay through a UPI transfer

Rs. 1350 for 3 participants(10% Discount on Fee)

Rs. 1800 for 4 participants(10% Discount on Fee)

Rs. 2125 for 5 participants(15% Discount on Fee)

What is Maths Maze?

Maths Maze is an online and objective type test or an online competition indigenously devised by Top Leaf Learning Solutions

Maths is a mandatory section in most of the competitive exams throughout life, be it for admission to professional courses during higher education or while competing for respectable job roles including most Government Jobs.

We might choose to leave Maths as a subject in the future, but Maths never leaves us throughout

Who Should participate in Maths Maze?

All Students studying in Class-V to Class-VII

Specially Recommended for students preparing for competitive exams like admissions to Sainik Schools, Rashtriya Military Schools Etc


Stage-1 tests begin on Monday, June 22, 2020 and are conducted in 3 slots everyday till Sunday, June 28, 2020

  • 11:30AM

  • 03:30PM

  • 06:30PM

You can choose your convenient time slot during the registration process

The Stage-2 test is conducted on Sunday of the next week in which the participant takes the Stage-1 test.

This is done to give the participant ample time for preparation of the very important Stage-2 of the Competition

Why to Participate?

Participating in Maths Maze will:

Generate and keep up the interest in Maths;

Provide an insight on Learning what to Learn;

Test and Enhance the Practice, Speed & Accuracy

The foundation of Mathematics is being laid down in Class-V & Class-VI from where the subject is built up in the higher classes. Class-VII is just the right time when some fine tuning can be done to build the concepts in the students’ minds.

An Outline of Maths Maze


60 Conceptual Questions in 45 minutes for Scoring 80 Points


45 Challenging Questions in 70 Minutes for Scoring 100 Points

What to Prepare? / Syllabus Reference

  • Understanding Numbers

  • Basic Geometrical Ideas

  • Fractions & Decimals

  • Basic Mensuration

  • Intelligence & Logic

  • Time

  • Money

  • Percentage

  • Average

Awards, Rewards & Recognition

  • e-Certificates for all participants

  • A Certificate of appreciation for the Rankers

  • “Maths Maze Soldier” Badges for the Top Scorers

  • A prompt Display of the name & photographs of Rank Holders and “Maths Maze Soldier” Badge Holders on the Maths Maze Webpage

  • An online Session to understand the solutions of the Questions can be availed by the participants after completion of both the Stages of Maths Maze. This session is optional and available for a nominal fee of only ₹100 per participant.

Fee for Participation

₹500 per participant (INCLUSIVE OF GST @18%)

Pay Securely and get an instant payment receipt


Payments are Powered by Razorpay

Fee Includes both

Stage-1 and Stage-2 Tests

Detailed Instructions

  • The willing participants, their parents / guardians or School / Tuition Teacher’s can buy passes for the Maths Maze.

  • Limited seats available in every slot of Maths Maze

  • Click “Enroll Now” and pay through a convenient mode to ensure a slot in the Maths Maze for your Child(ren). The process will take less than 2 minutes to finish.

  • A payment receipt is sent to your email ID, immediately after the transaction is captured.

  • After the process of payment is completed, you are redirected to the "Participant Registration". You get a choice of test slot while submitting the participant details

  • The passes can only be bought for both the Stages of the Maths Maze together. The passes once bought are not refundable under any circumstances.

  • Once the passes are bought and the details of the participants submitted, the same cannot be changed.

  • Roll numbers are allocated to the participants’ and are shared on the email ID provided by you well before the chosen time slot.

  • On the day of the test, a test link is shared on the registered email ID at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the test. This is done to make sure that the participants can click the link and go through the instructions thoroughly in advance.

  • Exactly at the chosen time slot, the password to begin the test is displayed on the screen. Every participant will have his / her own password to start the test.

  • Participants are required to login using the registered email ID and take up the STAGE-1 of the Maths Maze.

  • After completing the STAGE-1 of the Maths Maze, the scores will be evaluated.

  • Once the participant successfully finds the way through STAGE-1 of the Maths Maze, (s)he will be advised the time slot for the STAGE-2.

  • The Stage-2 test is conducted on Sunday of the next week in which the participant takes the Stage-1 test. This is done to give the participant ample time for preparation of the very important Stage-2

  • The Stage-2 of the Maths Maze is conducted in a similar fashion to Stage-1.

  • After completion of both the Stages, the scores are released to the registered email IDs of the participants

  • The rank holders’ names are released on our website

  • The rank holders are suitably rewarded and their photographs are promptly displayed on the Maths Maze webpage

  • If parents want to see the attempts of their children, the same can be shared on request (only after completion of both the Stages) for a nominal fee of ₹100 for each participant.

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Maths Maze is indigenously devised by Top Leaf Learning Solutions