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Team Top Leaf is one of the most trusted recruitment partners across India. This recognition has been sustained by us for over 15 years and has made us more passionate about recruiting the right Talent for our clients. The duration and recognitions have made us more mature and humble when working in a pure service oriented work environment

Top Leaf is really proud of the small, yet close knit team which has learnt to stay together in thick and thin. The rich work culture that we have built over the years has always reflected in our service levels when we cater to the requirements of our clients.

We always believe in training our team members to diligently follow the laid down processes and then giving them complete freedom and flexibility to complete the assigned projects.

Top Leaf has always been of the mindset to provide steadfast support to our Team which we feel is our biggest asset.

Back in 2016 one of our team members very reluctantly decided to part ways, immediately after her marriage. During the exit meeting, she mentioned that she was shifting to a place far from Delhi and hence it was beyond her control.

We realized that there can be many such factors where an individual might feel helpless and can decide to silently quit working.

That was when we first thought of a "Work from Home" option especially for Females.

Understanding the limitations of our team members to work full time in a regular office, we moved to a permanent "Work from Home" culture by the end of year 2016.

There has been no looking back since then. We have always been open to associating with applicants who have limitations of not being able to do a regular job but are passionate to continue working.

A Happy Team is Our Top Priority

Afterall we started recruitment with a vision of being helpful to aspirants in their Career.

If you think that you are aligned with our thought process: