Recruitment Services

Recruitment was our sole focus when we made a humble beginning from a small one room office back in 2007. Our process oriented approach towards making recruitment as scientific as possible for the clients has earned us many accolades and recognition.

We try our best to act as "Partners" for our Clients.

We have always worked hand in hand with the Talent Acquisition teams of the Client organizations and believe in offering tailor made recruitment services as per the individual requirements of the Clients. We always believe in transparently & promptly sharing challenges, inputs & feedback with the clients.

We have been recognized many times by our clients as being strong contributors towards improving the entire Hiring process for them.

Earnings take a back seat when we are on a recruitment spree. Our sole focus is to save the effort of the client and find an ideal fit as per the requirements of the positions shared with us. We try to adapt as far as possible to offer seamlessly customized services to our clients.

We promise sharing an optimal number of relevant profiles of interested and screened candidates to save the effort and time of the client in the process of recruitment.

We are often approached by Job Seekers for guidance when they are confused about strategic moves in their career.

We have always aimed to help them selflessly. We never charge a penny from candidates for helping in their job search, even if it means going out of the way many a times.

Resume Writing is one of our forte when it comes to paid services for the candidates but we are of a strong view that one should write his / her own CV. Hence, we never promote this service and only provide this service if requested by the job aspirants.

We also take specialist one on one Career Counselling sessions (On a chargeable basis) to help job aspirants make correct decisions in their career.

We have a Copyrighted Product called AReA Analysis which is a scientific analysis by the Aspirants about making actively supported and logically correct decisions during their career. Our team acts as a Catalyst to support the decision making process.